Ferrero Rocher Stand

Ferrero Rocher is renowned for making luxury chocolate; it tastes good and looks great too. Each Ferrero Rocher is individually and neatly placed, so why not give your guests the ultimate luxury chocolate treat? We have a range of beautiful Ferrero stands; each holds a different amount of chocolates and discounts are available if you book with a chocolate fountain.

We are able to tailor your package according to your requirements. We source our Ferrero Rocher chocolate from a UK based wholesaler. The chocolate is authentic and we test each batch before we supply it to our customers. We will remove any remaining chocolate and return it to our warehouse so we always advise customers to consume or remove all chocolate before the hire service ends. 




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Heart Single Side

From £145.00

Heart Double Side

From £190.00

Mini Heart

From £80.00

Pyramid Stand

From £190.00

Prism Stand

From £190.00

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