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Chocolate Fountains

We offer a wide choice of options, packages and fountains. As a leading service provider we have over 10 commercial fountains in our inventory including the renowned Sephra CF44 and Giles & Posner CF2000. We also have other professional fountains including the Sephra CF23. All our Chocolate Fountain options are inclusive and services are carried out by professional, uniformed and trained staff.




We are able to tailor your package according to your requirements. We source our Belgian chocolate from a UK based supplier. After each service we dispose of the chocolate under the guidelines set out by the waste management regulations so we use new chocolate for each service. During the service we will regulate the texture and taste of the chocolate using cocoa butter and food stabilizers to ensure optimal running and taste. The illuminated base may be different to the one you see in the photos depending on availability. Under food safety regulations, the chocolate fountain service is treated as a buffet service, which restricts us to a maximum of 3 hours of service and food display. Additional hours of service will require a change of food and chocolate. Our attendants are trained to use rapid-heating technology to melt chocolate, this way we can melt up to 10kg of chocolate in less than 30 minutes to ensure a quicker set-up. Male and female attendants are available so please confirm your requirements before booking. 



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chocolate fountains

chocolate fountains

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Extra large fountain

chocolate fountain

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Chocolate fountain


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Chocolate Fountain

With Fruit Display

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Cookie dough hire

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Large Choc Fountain

With Fruit Display

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